Il Tempio del ricordo

Protect Remember Love

A gentle wind, it is the Zephyr.

A deep pain, it is absence.

Zephorum is the sweet breeze that helps you protect your online memory and that of your loved ones. Discover our services.

Memory lives in the hearts of those who remain

Your story is the dearest thing you leave in the world.

On Zephorum, choose how to be remembered or how to take care of the online memory of a loved one. Zephorum helps you protect your will. It will be the virtual guardian of your life path, the place where the memory of your loved ones and yours can continue to live.

Because before being users, we are human beings.


Your online profiles are part of your life and that of your loved ones: they are your digital legacy.


Photos, videos, texts and emails can finally return to you or your loved ones, kept safely.


We collect the online profiles in one place, to preserve unity and dignity.