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Digital Estate

Let the memory live


In the last thirty years of humanity, we have lived more and more between online and offline. Every day our web presence increases its’ impact on our lives. We can say that we exist online as much as in real life.

We know that social profiles, email accounts and cloud archives constitute our digital identity. Our profiles are not a collection of information in the hands of databases: they are our online existence, our legacy for loved ones, for posterity.

What can you do to protect your legacy?

You want to act on behalf of a loved one, but you already know that it would be difficult for you to close, delete and get the contents of each of their profiles, one by one, acting without protection, in an emotionally critical moment.

What if you already want to think about how to protect your digital existence, deciding how to make yourself remembered? What should you do? Where to start? You would need time, courage, knowledge, and legal support.

Zephorum helps you with professionalism, care and support

We are the first Webetery in the world: we provide the first true digital burial along with a wide range of online services, from obituaries to video commemorations, to reach even the most distant people.

Choose between the two main services that guarantee and protect digital estate.
Both include recovering data from the indicated online accounts, deactivating them (or deleting, upon request) and transferring to your rightful heirs.


Digital death implies the right to be forgotten. The right of heirs to remember loved ones with confidentiality, respect and in privacy. With Zephorum Urn, the online existence of the deceased person returns home, for a private commemoration.
Choose the Urn.


Digital death as a right to remembrance through a space visible to the public for the purpose of commemoration. The contents of the person’s online existence are managed by the heirs and placed in a Mausoleum, a personal space within the Webetery of Zephorum, which can have public visibility or limited access.
Choose the Mausoleum or create a custom Monument.

Suggestion: purchase the Urn or Mausoleum now by choosing the “It’s for me” option when customizing the product, and prepare your digital legacy, giving directions to your heirs.

Choose safety, protection, love. Start protecting yourself now.